Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain an alternative option

Concealed from external view, nestled amidst stunning valleys adorned with quaint villages and numerous Alpacas lies Peru’s Rainbow Mountain. Elevated at 4900 meters (16076 ft) above sea level, its peaks boast a myriad of hues, resembling a painted canvas, though in reality, these colors stem from an array of metallic minerals. Here, we are not referring to the widely renowned Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, but rather its lesser-known counterpart: Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

Palccoyo serves as an alternative Rainbow Mountain destination in Peru, boasting its own unique beauty. Situated south of Cusco in the Canchis province, within the Checacupe district, this less-visited gem offers a tranquil escape. Following a 2 ½-hour journey on the Puno road, passing through the charming village of Checacupe, travelers embark on an additional hour-long detour along a dirt road to reach the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain trailhead, positioned at 4900m (16,076 ft) above sea level. From this point, a gentler ascent leads to the captivating multicolored cordillera, situated at 5040m above sea level.

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